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Inappropriate Halloween costumes are par for the course these days. But one student group has created posters protesting costumes that play off racial and ethnic stereotypes, such as Mexican banditos and terrorist Arabs. “We’re a culture, not a costume,” says the headline on each poster. “This is not who I am, and this is not okay.”

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Who knew that Facebook’s newest feature was originally conceived by the Mad Men of the 1960s?

In all seriousness the most compelling elements of Facebook’s Timeline are the ones that made Kodak’s Carousel popular. Reminiscing is a social activity. It always has been and now Facebook is bringing that activity online.
Don Draper Presents Facebook Timeline (by eleist)

If the Facebook marketing team had actually dreamt this campaign up (they didn’t), they’d be gaining W+K level of street cred by now.

3M - Wave Sound from Grey Digital on Vimeo.


just when i think i’m losing my faith in advertising…

Most people are familiar with Apple’s Mac vs. PC advertising campaign that ran from 2006 to 2010. However, there’s a BitTorrent spin-off to this series of ads that, until today, hasn’t seen the light of day. Produced a few years ago for BitTorrent Inc, the BitTorrent vs. iTunes campaign shows BitTorrent’s superiority of Apple’s iTunes store.

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Eggplant (aubergine) purple. Fire engine red. Shark-skin silver. Dachshund brown. Even if you aren’t shown the actual color, you can envision its exact shade in your mind. Some colors are inextricably linked to an object, plant or animal.

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Illustrations produced for Stella Artois Légere’s Toronto Summer campaign. (via Stella Artois Légère : Dave Murray Illustration - 416-629-1717)

San Francisco-based photographer Ryan Heffernan took these dramatic shots for a Japan Rags ad campaign. What looks like a freeze-frame photograph captured with split-second timing is actually a composite of three different stills. (via Making the Plunge)

That’s one skillful retoucher working with Heffernan.