Beatlemania meets Applemania – an animated history of the Beatles through their album covers   (via)


Steve Jobs Pixel Tribute

by Michael B. Myers Jr

Most people are familiar with Apple’s Mac vs. PC advertising campaign that ran from 2006 to 2010. However, there’s a BitTorrent spin-off to this series of ads that, until today, hasn’t seen the light of day. Produced a few years ago for BitTorrent Inc, the BitTorrent vs. iTunes campaign shows BitTorrent’s superiority of Apple’s iTunes store.

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An 80s vintage ad for Apple, illustrated by Matt Groening

ITC has always been dedicated to educating type users. The first time ITC Zapf Chancery appeared “in public,” Herb Lubalin showed it set properly. Yet, from the very beginning, some graphic communicators have insisted on using it to set all-cap headlines. Others persist in peppering blocks of text with way too many alternate swash letters. Any typeface is susceptible to inappropriate use, but scripts and calligraphic designs are more “likely victims” than more conventional designs. (via The Story Behind Zapf Chancery -