The National Basketball Association thinks it has figured out what fans are hungry for besides a championship: edible team logos. The league recently signed unusual licensing deals with companies that offer these edible items – and more. The pizza logos, made of sugar, starch and food coloring, will add about $5 to the price of a pizza.

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Inspired by the NounProject, we set out to create an iconset of food and drinks. (via Food Icons › Foodsters’ Blog | FriedChillies › The All-Time Food Network)

After her graduation from the Design Academy in Eindhoven in 2000 Marije Vogelzang has been designing eating concepts. Her interest is in the verb ‘to eat’. Not only does she think deeply about what is on the plate (if there is a plate at all), but she also thinks about everything that surrounds the act of eating. The atmosphere, the people involved, the stories behind the ingredients, the taste and texture, sound, smell and colour of food and the way it is prepared and served.

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When Jamie Oliver decided to take his “Food Revolution“ movement on the road he sought help from the Rockwell Group to design his mobile food truck.

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The different techniques used on the packaging (the illustration and logo is embossed, typography is foiled stamped in purple, and the negative space is silver metallic) enhances the premium look of the brand.

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With stunning images like this, you’d think that computers and Photoshop played a huge role in the production of the artwork from Modernist Cuisine. You’d be wrong. The majority of the photos in the book were shot on a Canon 5D Mark II by Ryan Matthew Smith, a just-out-of-art school photographer from Seattle.

The photo studio is surprisingly low-tech, given the incredible shots they achieved—it’s nothing more than a few cloth backdrops, and a couple of large studio flashes

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