San Francisco-based photographer Ryan Heffernan took these dramatic shots for a Japan Rags ad campaign. What looks like a freeze-frame photograph captured with split-second timing is actually a composite of three different stills. (via Making the Plunge)

That’s one skillful retoucher working with Heffernan.

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Default_Landscapes by Jasper Elings.

This tutorial will show you how you can use textures to enhance your design. It will also illustrate how to layer gradients to create lighting effects.

Download the finished wallpaper here:​wallpaper/​the-shining/

Texture Tutorial (by Louie Mantia)


Ornate Book Cover by Cathe Holden 

I came across an incredibly ornate antique book cover to share with you. I ran it through Photoshop to mess around with colors. There’s so many possibilities with such a pretty piece. Enjoy!” 

They’re all really lovely :)

Fun for the family (you may want to take some advice — like sharing fonts against EULA — with a pinch of salt. Or not).

Helpful and *subtle* suggestions for the process of web design in Photoshop, and making the transfer of PSD’s less painful. Intended for any group of people looking to standardize web design in Photoshop. Feel free to negate any rules that don’t work best for your particular group.

(via The Photoshop Etiquette Manifesto for Web Designers)