I always start with pencil & paper, to get down as many ideas as I can in a rough and rushed way.

Once I’ve managed to come up with an idea and composition that I like, I’ll clean up the drawing and then trace several layers with a bespoke light box (cannibalised computer monitor), using ink and a brush to get the appropriate feel to the drawings.

These then make their way into the digital world to transform into the colourful scrawlings that you can see in my portfolio.

(via Sam Brewster Composing Scenes in Brush and Ink | Ape on the Moon: Contemporary Visual Culture)

DKNG process videos are always, always worth the time.

(via DKNG Studios » “Portlandia, The Tour” Poster)

Spray Paint Art Paradisio (by spacepainter)

waterfall scene made with spray paint! Art by By Brandon McConnell.

Poster Process - Phish (Blossom Music Center) (by DKNG Studios)


Analysis of website statistics shows a single spelling mistake can cut online sales in half. […]

For designers and developers, this is a stark warning; copy is still too often cut into a website towards the end of development, rather than being considered from the very beginning.