One of a series of animations by Zaitoon, the animation and games unit at the University College of Applied Science in Gaza. Zaitoon aims to instil a sense of pride and resilience among children facing adversity, making them aware of their culture and history, and connecting them with Palestinian children in the West Bank and internationally (via Gaza university student animation: The Return – video | Global development |

The video was painstakingly hand-made using cut-outs and an old overhead projector - no computer-aided assistance whatsoever! Hope you enjoy the results!

Ferns - Hey OK (Official Music Video) (by FernFren)

1986 超级肥皂 (by tworoom)

DKNG process videos are always, always worth the time.

(via DKNG Studios » “Portlandia, The Tour” Poster)

The Story of Keep Calm and Carry On (by BarterBooksLtd)

Also: Keep Calm and Carry on Guide

So you’re thinking about becoming a designer? If I could tell you only *one thing* about going into the field, my advice would be ___________ . (via Jim Coudal on Vimeo)

This video was created with over 12,000 pieces of construction paper, shown as it was shot, with no effects added in post. (via Josh Ritter - Love Is Making Its Way Back Home on Vimeo)

The Title Design of Saul Bass from Ian Albinson on Vimeo.

To celebrate the release of the highly anticipated and altogether fantastic Saul Bass monograph, one of the 11 best art and design books of 2011 and among the most important design books ever published, Art of the Title editor Ian Albinson put together this brilliant brief visual history of Bass’s most celebrated work, which influenced generations of designers, animators, and visual storytellers alike.

(via 25 Celebrated Saul Bass Title Sequences in 100 seconds | Brain Pickings)


I stumbled on this wonderful animation sequence by French animation studio ‘Akama‘, based in Paris.

(via Line Drawings to Colour Animation: ‘Tiji Colour’ by Akama Studio | Ape on the Moon: Contemporary Visual Arts)

The Elements of Style from Jake Heller on Vimeo.

In 1918, William Strunk penned The Elements of Style, which his former student E.B. White revised in 1959, more than a decade after Strunk’s passing. This expanded edition became one of the most influential nonfiction books ever written and went on to sell more than 10 million copies. Nearly a century later, Columbia grad students Jake Heller (“Strunk”) and Ben Teitelbaum (“White”) pay homage to the iconic style manual, delivering what’s easily the most delightful take on the classic since Maira Kalman’s illustrated edition. (via Move Your Story Right Along: The Elements of Style Rap | Brain Pickings)